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Vytautas Pletkus

Bridges for Kaunas art photographer Vytautas Pletkus are places to which he runs away from daily chaos. Being an engineer, he felt attracted to this form of art and returned to photography after a break of 20 years. Cycles of works started appearing from 2002.

After the long silence the art photographer Vytautas Pletkus found bridges as an object of photography. First he captured Aleksotas bridge but there are no works from this series in the exhibition "Approximation" opened at A.Mickevičius Public Library in Vilnius this week. According to the author of the exhibition, he sees bridges differently at the moment and the present attitude is expressed in the cycle "Kaunas Bridges" from which 20 works have been selected to the exhibition.

According to the art critic Tomas Pabedinskas, "Kaunas Bridges" is the most outstanding cycle of Pletkus which describes the artist and the method of his creation perfectly. Exact compositions of works, rational object, many architectural, geometrical forms – these are the main features of his photography. Pletkus also reveals as a master of colour photography in these works. The artist photographs small bridges in a different manner, using black-and-white photography as it is more suitable for revealing their particularities.

Vytautas Pletkus was born in 1955 and studied industrial and civil construction at Vilnius Engineering and Construction Institute. He started working in Kaunas afterwards and has been taking photographs since the student years.

e-mail: kunst@galerie-froehlich.at
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